45 years

Welcome to
Manoir Westmount

A Great Community, in a Perfect Location

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Immediate Availability

Welcome to
Manoir Westmount

A Great Community, in a Perfect Location

Promotion, please contact us for details

Immediate Availability

A Vibrant Seniors Community in Westmount

Manoir Westmount Luxurious Sofa Set In The Room

Our Accommodations

Regardless of your preferred accommodation, each room within the Manoir has state-of-the-art fire alarm, sprinkler, and intercom systems, as well as an emergency call system and generous storage space for all your needs.

Life at Manoir Westmount

Our active seniors enjoy freedom of movement through Westmount and downtown Montreal. Others lead a quieter yet active life on the premises taking advantage of Manoir Westmount’s excellent facilities and entertaining social programs.

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The Rotary Club of Westmount

Manoir Westmount is a continuing success under the stewardship of the Rotary Club of Westmount.
In 2021 The Manoir was awarded The Medal of the National Assembly of Quebec “in recognition of its devotion and determination in caring for seniors.”

I lived for a year alone in my apartment and I did not like it. Neil and Catharine lived here in the Manoir Westmount and they loved it. They were old friends of ours — and I decided to apply to live here too. This year, by early October, I will have been here for 10 years and regard myself as truly blessed to live here.

Clare H.

I wanted to live in a residence for autonomous seniors with plenty of activities and nutritious and tasty meals, and the Manoir fits the bill! We can enjoy ourselves with others or have alone time in our rooms, both of which are important to me, and we are treated with friendliness, respect, and dignity.

Sherry S.

The Manoir Westmount IS my ”Personal Care Net”. With a friend, I came here in 2010 just to look. We knew that we had found 'The Place to Be'. Now I have been a resident here for all the years from October 2011 to now. Here you can be as ”Quiet as you wish” or ”Join as many activities with other Residents as you have the time for.”

Walter A.

The atmosphere at the Manoir Westmount is very positive. The nursing support is excellent. The activities are engaging and allow us to get to know others. The food is delicious as well as nutritious. The servers are second to none; they are kind, warm and efficient which is astounding given the range of personalities and food choices they deal with every day.

Joanne S.

My life here, is living with the diversity of other residents: men and women between the ages of 75 and 103, who have lived brilliantly courageous and interesting lives in different parts of the world, people who are still willing and able to learn and grow. We become meaningful friends as we share much more than I could have ever imagined possible.

Patricia S.

Manoir Westmount is a wonderful place for an autonomous senior to live. I do enjoy the friendly atmosphere here both of the staff and residents. There are numerous well organized activities from which to choose, something for every taste. The rooms are very cozy and clean. To top it all off the meals are very, very good

Ann A

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