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Please accept this framed painting as a token of appreciation for contributing to such a wonderful life here at the Manoir. My family and I are very grateful to all the kind staff and hope that this painting will bring as much joy to you all, as you bring to me.

Mary G.

I want to express to all of you how much our family has appreciated the excellent compassionate care and comfortable accommodation my mother has had for the past almost 6 years. She so enjoyed her very full life there; the morning exercises, special events, tea parties, devotional and musical evenings, the beautiful garden on the patio, the always delicious meals, and the many friends she made. During the last few years, as she became less active, she appreciated the extra kind care and attention she was given.

Eleanor T

I love the Manoir because there is no other place I want to be.

Prue R

The Manoir is our own oasis of peace at the end of our long road. We are spoiled by a fantastic staff, always smiling and so very helpful. We have never seen such cooperation, each and everyone, whatever their status may be – nurses, receptionists, maids, dining room helpers. Everyone here gives her or his best to make our life as pleasant as possible. Thanks for celebrating each special holiday, be it Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Halloween, not to mention the birthday teas each month with a huge and delicious cake. Thanks for all the activities offered so we can socialize at the best of our abilities: morning exercises, the arts and crafts, choir, book club and so may others! Thank you all for making us forget the passage and ravage of the years, you are all doing a fantastic job making us happy. We love our new family

Pauline and Stanley T

The Manoir is unique – the beautiful pictures and the gardens – the patio in the summer – the wonderful caring and helpful cleaning and dining room staff. I’m sure no one has it as good as we do. Good mates, good food, good people. We are very fortunate to live here.

Betty C.