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Rotary club

The first discussion leading to Manoir Westmount began in 1972 in an assembly of members of the Rotary Club of Westmount, looking for a major project to challenge and fulfill the Club’s community service role.

A committee under Robert Layton explored local needs and subsequently determined that senior citizens’ accommodations were woefully lacking in Westmount, confirmed the following year by a LIP grant-assisted study.

Within the year, the Club came up with a plan to establish an appropriate residence of quality. This undertaking invited maximum participation by members of Rotary, local churches and other community groups. It was to become the Westmount Rotary Club’s major undertaking for the next 37 years!

On October 12, 1979, the building was officially opened by Lieutenant Governor Jean-Pierre Côté. Within the next 12 months, there was no debt remaining on the property and the building was fully occupied.

Manoir Westmount Inc. was formed with all the members of The Rotary Club of Westmount as members of the corporation. The directors are nominees of The Rotary Club of Westmount. The operation of the property was then set free to set admittance and on-going operational rules without interference by government at any level.

The Rotary club of Westmount and Manoir Westmount continue to enjoy a very close relationship. A number


of social functions are celebrated together throughout the year. The Anniversary Cocktail Party, The Rotary-Resident Christmas Luncheon and the Rotary Resident BBQ in September are popular events enjoyed together. Also, since the Club’s office is located in the lower floor of the building, Rotarians are often present at The Manoir, particularly on Wednesdays for their weekly luncheon meeting at Victoria Hall.

Over the years, The Westmount Rotary Club has developed and promoted projects totalling over $6,000,000. The Club remains very active and in the years ahead will continue to seek out many more projects all of which will endeavour to relieve and raise the condition of those in need.

Wherever possible, Rotary will strive to fulfill the mandate of “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”

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