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What Happens when I am no longer autonomous?

We understand that aging is a process and that over time residents may become less independent. If it becomes necessary, we will distribute medications to residents and arrange with you and your family members to provide more services until such time that the Manoir can no longer meet your needs. At that time our staff will do everything they can to help you re-locate.

Do I have to pay extra for housekeeping and laundry?

No, our rates are all inclusive and include daily room cleaning, bed making, dusting, personal laundry, and linen changes.

What about medications?

We encourage and help residents to self medicate, however if it comes to a point when a resident can no longer deal with their medications, we will distribute them. There is no extra charge for this.

May I cook in my Room?

No, our rooms are not equipped for cooking; however we serve three delicious meals per day in our elegant dining room. Also, many residents take advantage of being served a continental breakfast in their rooms. In addition, there are kitchenettes on each floor equipped with a kettle and a microwave and stocked with various beverages and snacks.

Can I get help with a bath, a showers, etc.?

Yes. With a doctor’s or social worker’s referral, the CLSC will come to the Manoir to help you with a bath. Alternatively, the Manoir employs a private attendant from an agency who, under the nurses’ direction, will help residents with baths, showers, help getting dressed or other personal services.  The Manoir simply passes this cost along to the resident which is an advantage for them as they are not required to pay the 3 hour minimum which agencies charge.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. Because of our price, our location, and our excellent quality of life, Manoir Westmount is a very desirable place to live.  The list can vary from just a few weeks to 6 or more months depending on our turnover and the type of accommodation required.  We encourage people to put their name on the waiting list as early as possible so that when they decide they would like to move in, they will be at the top of the list. We have many residents who were on our list for many years before they decided to move.