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Admission procedures and fees

Instructions and Requirements for Residency

Admission Procedures and fees

Prospective residents are requested to complete an application form and are required to submit it with our Medical Examination Form duly completed by their physician. If the medical is acceptable applicants will be put on our waiting list.

When an applicant’s name approaches the top of our waiting list, our Nurse will meet with the prospective resident to make a health assessment in order to determine whether the applicant can be accepted at the Manoir.





Registration Fee              $100. Payable with the completed application form (refundable upon moving into the Manoir)

Assessment Fee           $50. Payable at the assessment by our Nurse (refundable upon moving into the Manoir)

Entrance Fee                   $1500. Payable upon accepting accommodation. (may be spread over 3 months and is non-refundable after 6 months at the                                                                                          Manoir)

Admission Agreement        Upon accepting a room, residents must sign a lease with Manoir Westmount Inc., which is a month-to-month agreement. One of its features is the permission for a resident to leave the Manoir with only one month’s notice.